Clickjolt Competitive Research and Tracking

Research and Track Your Competition

learn their strategies and keep up to date on changes as they happen

  • Research Competitors

    View where your competition is focusing their efforts and gauge their success.

  • Track Changes

    When they make changes, you need to know. Get real time updates for each site you track.

  • Take Action

    Uncover a competitors successful strategy and make it work better for you.

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Compare Sites Against Yours

Each channel and metric can be directly compared against your website or the websites of your competitors. Track how increases in your marketing efforts are working and how they size up against those of your competition.

Track What Matters Most

Track information from a large number of social media, seo, paid advertising, and on-site content channels. Make this information work for you, by keeping tabs on your competitors and being alerted to changes that effect you.

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